Tales of Elysium

Session 9-?

Day: ?

The squad trailed the merchant all the way to a new town called Silvercrest. Something was wrong with Silvercrest, especially the people. They were less like citizens and more like mindless slaves. The squad, Canis, deduced that the leader of Silvercrest, Rev Run, had brainwashed all the citizens to only serve him. Unfortunately, Mr. Rosewater was one of his captives. In an attempt to bait in the team in his charm through a feast, only the newest member of the team, Gell, fell in the trap. The day after the feast, the team confronted Rev Run and Mr. Rosewater which led to a fight, and Canis had to slay them both. After liberating the town, Canis and his friends trail back to Riverport to collect their bounty and help further their quest to Innhermouth, but on their return, they find Silvercrest ablaze in a holocaust. The culprits and pyromaniacs were none other than the, believed to be dead, former gang members of the Defias Brotherhood. After Canis slayed the gang of pyromaniacs. They help rebuild the town and recuperate themselves before they finally set off for Innhermouth. On their first night of travelling in the Whispering Woods leading to Innhermouth. The team is put unconscious, which is weird because Canis’s elf ancestry should stop that, but for the sake of the narrative it happened, and in their unconsciousness were transported to a prison, Gell and Bob/ariah was nowhere to be found and were replaced by a new character Jaskier, and their only escape was to partake in their captor’s games. After successfully passing the first trials through Canis’s cunning and swift nature, the group is led to a maze that withholds a monstrosity made to kill the group. Canis slayed this monstrosity too, and led half the team to find the exit of the maze, but instead found the child of this monstrosity which may lead to his death… Find out what happens on the next Dragon Ball Z!


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