Canis Ashdown



Name: Canis Ashdown
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 195 lbs
Age: 293 years old
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Wolfwater Town_of_Wolfwater.jpg
Family: Apollo of the Boulder (Adopted Son)


Canis Ashdown was born in the slums of the port town of Wolfwater to a rather poor family, he was forced to steal for survival. He mastered stealth and thievery at a very young age, for his survival was dependent on his craft. This mastery ,though great, came at a price, many of the town’s villagers were getting exasperated with Canis’s thievery and hunted for him at his house only to find Canis amiss. Canis caught word of his hunters earlier in the day, but his absence did not halt the mob from taking action though, for when Canis returned, he found his hut in ashes and his parents and grandparents slaughtered in the meadow behind his home. Canis began feeling irate. This hatred led to a feeling of abandonment and his eternal loneliness. His hatred aggrandized, but his life degenerated into a life of crime and disgrace. After being ran out of his town for repeated thief accusations, Canis began wandering from town to town fucking bitches and getting money for over 100 years until he found himself travelling in the Murtovaara Mountains and caught a young boy trying to steal from his pack. Canis saw great potential in this boy, so he took him under his wing to train him in the arts of thievery and combat. This boy was odd though, when Canis found him again, the young boy offered him rocks. This inspired Canis to give him the name, Apollo of the Boulder. Apollo’s name derived from his love for rocks and inspired from the god Apollo. Apollo became very loyal to Canis and pleaded him to take him somewhere else, so they fled Murtovaara and began a new life. Their adventures led them through many towns and had them make many friends along the way. With the passing of each town, their party seemed to grow bigger. Other homeless boys came to seek homage within their gang. Canis began training many other children other than Apollo. They grew to be a group of thieves stealing to survive. Their group became to be know as the Defias Brotherhood. Since the boys all knew where each other came from, they had no problems vowing loyalty to everyone and the group. The group prospered and flourished, and everything was at its highest, but everything changed when they were raided by the government and the group was slaughtered. The only ones that escaped the raid was Canis and Apollo. After getting thrown out of town, they began a new voyage, until their ship crashed on a country unknown to them. That country was Mur’Tah. They found themselves walking through the Mur’Tah Wastes. a desolate desert with unbearable heat. They were able to seek homage with a caravan of merchants until they reached Noctus, the Bridge City of Savages. This city intrigued Canis and Apollo, but the caravan was too scared to enter the city, because of the threat of thieves. Once the caravan dropped off Canis and Apollo, they immediately fled. Canis and Apollo knew they were in for some trouble. As they were walking through town, they saw many fights, violence was ubiquitous in this town, but they saw even more robberies. No one cared about the robberies or the brawls; everyone’s attention were fixated on the new guys in town. They instantly were beginning to get harassed by the citizens of Noctus. Canis and Apollo knew very quickly they were not welcome. They had many encounters with the townsfolk and most not good. They were attacked in the middle of the town in front of everyone, but none were fast enough to chase Canis and Apollo. Canis and Apollo sprinted out of the town unscathed, and sprinted all the way into the fields. Now stranded in the fields, the party was very low on rations, so they headed up north towards the river. They camped out at the river’s edge for many days, but were chased out by local fisherman, there must have been over 20 men. They were surrounded with their backs to the water, it was it, their only chance was to jump. They swam across the river and started wandering again. Continuing their expedition north, they finally were able to settle in the town of Riverport. They had met some new friends in Riverport, other travelers who just arrived at the town, too. They were now just a gang of misfits. There was Canis Ashdown, Apollo of the Boulder, Bob/ariah, Gnomeo and Lothric… To be continued.

Canis Ashdown

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