Jaskier Rhynhildr

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Name: Jaskier Rhynhildr
Height: 6’
Weight: 160lbs
Age: 45
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Haldar


Jaskier Rhynhildr was born in the Northern City Stronghold of Haldar as the bastard of Jarl Eyvind Rhynhildr and an elf maid of the hold. In order to hide the shame that it would bring upon the family, Jaskier was raised as a servant rather than a noble. As a young child, Jaskier would escape the hold often to travel around the city and experience the ruffneck place that was Haldar. The hold is completely isolated from the bandits, shady merchants, and organized crime that goes on throughout the city and the Jarl is ignorant of the corrupt city that Haldar has become.

Jaskier one day when he was 9 years old came upon a pedlar who was in town, with her daughter.They had a shipment of musical instruments they came to sell. The pedlar’s daughter was playing one of the lutes they had in stock, and to Jaskier it was one of the most beautiful sounds he had heard. The pedlar told Jaskier that they would be in town for the summer, and so the daughter could teach Jaskier to play if he wanted to learn. Jaskier quickly agreed and soon enough the pedlar’s daughter and Jaskier became best of friends. Jaskier was a quick learner, and soon was playing in the taverns of Haldar late at night in order to get away from the hold. The Pedlar’s daughter had taught him that the true beauty of music was in the smiles of those around you enjoying the melodies and harmonies you create, and soon enough it was the pedlar’s daughter’s smile that Jaskier wanted to see the most. One day, a group of bandits stole the pedlar’s cart as well as kidnapping the pedlar’s daughter. Jaskier nabbed a sword from the hold and raced into the bandit’s underground hideout in the sewers. When he entered and the bandit’s drew their swords, Jaskier realized that he could not fight all of the bandits, much less one of them. He revealed a lute and began playing a song for the bandits. A song of charm. The bandits were hypnotized by his music, and so he commanded them to release the pedlar’s daughter as well as the cart. The bandits enticed by his sweet song did as he said and that was when Jaskier realized the power of music can be harnessed in different ways besides taverns. Jaskier embraced the pedlar’s daughter and was thankful to the gods for no harm coming on to her.

They continued their training in Jaskier’s bard skills, teaching him the ways magic can be entwined into music and how to write songs, stories, and plays to perform. The summer was coming to an end and so the pedlar began preparations to depart. Jaskier did not want to see the pedlar’s daughter go, he wanted her to stay but he did not know why. The daughter gave Jaskier her lute, the one she was playing the first day they had met, to remember her by. It was an ornate lute with colorful blue and green accents and a lotus flower symbol on the body. She also gave Jaskier a locket necklace and that if they ever met again, she will have the key to open up the necklace and see what’s inside. Jaskier weeped when the pedlar left. It was only till then that he realized the feeling he felt for the pedlar’s daughter was love.

Jaskier, for the next few years to come, played in various squares and taverns in Haldar, singing songs of adventure, politics, satire, and occasionally love. He continued to do so to see the people rally and encircle him to hear his songs. He did so to see that his passion was bringing smiles to all their faces, just as the pedlar’s daughter brought a smile to his. As the years passed, he could not remember the name of the pedlar or her daughter. He dreamed of a day where he could leave Haldar and search for his true love. Jaskier was 17 the day he was summoned by the Jarl. By then he had made quite a name for himself as a bard of Haldar. The Jarl feared for the true identity of Jaskier as Eyvind’s bastard being revealed and so he forbade Jaskier from playing anywhere outside of the hold. Jaskier was enraged, he criticized his father for being so ignorant and worried about his own image that he could not see that his city is rotting from the outside and soon enough will rot the inside as well. Eyvind took his lute and smashed it into pieces. Jaskier was heartbroken and enraged. He began working on a song that criticized all the aspects of his father, and sang of rebellion and justice against the Jarl’s ignorance. It was one of Jaskier’s greatest ballads, full of emotion and intent. Locked up in his room, Jaskier spent weeks repairing his lute meticulously, making sure every piece was back where it needed to be. The one part he could not fix was the crack that ran down through the lotus flower. For years to come Jaskier would rub the crack every time he was foul-tempered or his father was in remembrance. Once Jaskier finished his song and his lute, he began his plan to escape Haldar and take down his father at the same time. Jaskier used his lute to charm the guards into freeing him and taking him to the balcony overseeing the city. He charmed the messengers to summon the city for an audience in front of the hold. Finally, he used the guards to capture the Jarl and bind him to the balcony so that he could see the audience he had summoned. Jaskier played his song. The people of Haldar still speak of how awe-inspiring the song was, its beauty, its power. The song made a fool of the Jarl and opened the eyes of the city’s people. A full scale riot began and the now uncharmed guards were busy holding off the mob. Jaskier fled amongst the chaos, with the Jarl humiliated, the city against him, and a smile on Jaskier’s face.

Jaskier, from that point on, became an adventurer. The dreams he had sung about in his songs in Haldar had come true. Jaskier travels from town to town, city to city, kingdom to kingdom, country to country, taking quests on one by one all while searching for his true love. In the north, most know the name Jaskier. Since he left Haldar, however no one has heard of Jaskier Rhynhildr, the man who humiliated and satirized Jarl Eyvind Rhynhildr, his own father, in front of his entire city. During the riot, the Jarl ended up escaping to Denskya, the neighboring ally city stronghold of Haldar. Haldar has been taken over the people and is said to be run by a criminal guild now. Eyvind has pledged to find his bastard son and punish him dearly, to bring upon a pain worse than death to him for humiliating him and taking away his city.

Jaskier Rhynhildr

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