Tales of Elysium

Session 6

Day 6:

After defeating the owlbear, it returned to human form, signifying that it was a druid in polymorph. This would have been no concern to the group, but the druid’s eyes see different, the pupils were grey and the eyes were illuminating a dark color. The party believes something was controlling this man. They finally reached their destination, but it seemed someone was already inside. The team stormed the cabin and found a homeless man named Kabyr. This man said that he could speak to animals and that the animals were acting with more ferocity than usually. He followed by showing us a bite mark on his hand from a, once friendly, fox, turned feral. He described the look in the eyes of the animals to be the exact same as the druid’s the party came across. Kabyr joined the team.


dasbongo MikeWeidler

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