Apollo of the Boulder

Don't touch my friends Barbarian


Name: Apollo
Height: 6’7"
Weight: 274
Age: 27
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Murtovaaradownload__7_.jpg


Apollo of the Boulder was born in the town of Murtovarra. Murtovaara is medium sized town that is focused on its harsh and stern militia. Many people stray away from Murtovaara, because its excluded by the grand mountains that encloses it. Apollo was abandoned by his parents before he could remember their faces. He spent most of his life trying to get out of his hometown so he could begin his own life, not somewhere he hated. Since Apollo was left an orphan the towns government left him to the army and he grew up learning how to fight for himself. When Apollo was around 12 he found a way out of the military school he went to steal from a man that he had heard had some exotic food, that could be only be found from far across places. On Apollos attempt to steal from the mans pack, he was caught. Apollo wasn’t taken to the government for judgment, but the man took him under his wing, and had other ideas for Apollo. Canis, Canis Ashdown now was the “father” of Apollo. He took care of Apollo, fed him, gave him a place to sleep, but the most valuable aspect was giving him some company while they traveled. Their adventures led them through many towns and had them make many friends along the way. With the passing of each town, their party seemed to grow bigger. Other homeless boys came to seek homage within their gang. Canis began training many other children other than Apollo. They grew to be a group of thieves stealing to survive. Their group became to be know as the Defias Brotherhood. Since the boys all knew where each other came from, they had no problems vowing loyalty to everyone and the group. The group prospered and flourished, and everything was at its highest, but everything changed when they were raided by the government and the group was slaughtered. The only ones that escaped the raid was Canis and Apollo. After getting thrown out of town, they began a new voyage, until their ship crashed on a country unknown to them. That country was Elysium… To be continued.

Apollo of the Boulder

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